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Green Tourmaline With Peridot Earrings $85

$85.00 AUD
Green Tourmaline With Peridot Earrings

Green Tourmaline is perhaps Nature's best healing crystal of the physical heart, channelling its electrical energies into the center of one's being and creating a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the body and self. It is the masculine, or yang counterpart to the feminine heart energies of Pink Tourmaline, and enhances courage and strength, stamina and vitality. Its spiritual vibrations harmonize with the energies of the Earth as it opens the Heart Chakra and stimulates a strong resonance with Divine Love

Peridot is a great stone for romantic relationships. It adds light and brightness to life and helps one to receive abundance on all levels. It can be used in animal communication and healing and it also strengthens tolerance.

The Green Tourmaline With Peridot Earrings $85 is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.